5 uncommon traditions from around the world

There are more than 7.5 billion people in the world today, and one of our most fascinating traits as humans is our diversity. That is why at Kiva, we love learning about new and different customs and traditions. Here is a list of 5 uncommon traditions from around the world you may have never heard of.  


"Bikes at Frederiksberg Allé, Denmark." Photo by Kristoffer Trolle


In Denmark, there is a tradition where if you remain unmarried when you turn 25, you get covered in cinnamon by your friends. And in case you’re thinking it’s just a small little throw, think again, friends ensure the cinnamon sticks on the victim by smearing them with eggs and water beforehand. 



"Scrambled Eggs Bun Chive" Photo by Mak Orel


The Cimburijada festival, the “Festival of Scrambled Eggs.” is held in Zenica, Bosnia. Thousands gather every year on the first day of Spring, and start off the day with a classic breakfast of what else, but scrambled eggs.  



"Wedding." Photo by Mo Riza

In the Tidong tribe of Indonesia, newlyweds are prohibited to use the bathroom for three days and three nights. Couples are watched by family and friends during the three days and are given minimal food and water. It is believed that by carrying out this custom, it will prevent bad luck to fall upon the marriage.  


"UNR Photography Summer 2010." Photo by Reno Tahoe

La Tomatina festival in Spain is held at the end of August in the Valencian town of Bunol. Participants of the festival come together to throw tomatoes and get into a huge tomato fight simply for entertainment.


"Kilts Anyone." Photo by John Beagle

Burns Night in Scotland is an annual celebration of the poet Robert Burns. Scottish men don their kilts and recite the poetry of Robert Burns. And of course, no Scottish celebration is complete without bagpipe music and the traditional fare of haggis.

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