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Why donate to Kiva?

If Kiva is all about lending... why do we need your donations?

New leadership for Kiva’s new era of expansion and impact: Welcome Chris and Silvija!

A letter from Kiva’s Executive Chair to the Kiva community.

Passing the baton: A letter from Kiva's CEO Neville Crawley

“We have to take the baton when it is passed to us, and run as hard and fast as we can, and then pass it on to someone else.”

Volunteer spotlight: “It’s really amazing to see how very similar we are in our differences.”

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on three individual volunteers: Joanne, Sophie and Kathy!

What does microlending in Tajikistan look like?

An interview with Kiva Coordinators Nargiza Rajabova and Fazilat Beknazarova, who are currently based in Tajikistan and work with Micro Deposit Organization (MDO) Humo.

Celebrate April Fools' Day with Kiva

Read about traditions in each continent, then surprise a borrower by funding their Kiva loan!

We stand with and celebrate the Asian American community. Our community.

Together, let's support our Asian community and work toward a more racially just world.

How the pandemic is affecting small businesses in the Philippines

Find out what our Field Partner ASKI is doing to help!

Kiki Bryant: Championing Black ownership in the toy aisle

Celebrate Black History Month with us by hearing the stories of Black entrepreneurs across America and their experiences with Kiva’s small business loans.

Volunteer spotlight: “It’s amazing to understand the triumphs and challenges of people around the world”

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on three individual volunteers: Alix, Darlene, and Marila.

Kiva U.S.: Reflections from 2020 and a Path Forward for 2021

How we're moving ahead in 2021 for our Kiva U.S. community.

Celebrating and recognizing Black History Month

On February 8, we’re matching all loans to U.S. business owners on Kiva. Support Black-owned businesses and celebrate Black History Month with us.