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Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Oakland, CA
A loan of $25,000 helps a black owned business create a product to support African American Historical Preservation goals. Read more

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Santa Cruz, CA
A loan of $15,000 helps purchase equipment to make more nut butters more quickly, which will help us meet record 2020 demand. Read more
Campbell, CA
A loan of $15,000 helps with production costs of new laptop bags, restock inventory, and hire people. Read more
Tulsa, OK
A loan of $15,000 helps a Veteran-owned business begin a new chapter of growth. Read more
West Palm Beach, FL
A loan of $15,000 helps keep a Serviced-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business alive during COVID-19. Read more
Puerto Rico
A loan of $15,000 helps me keep my team growing in order to better service the professional beauty industry. Read more
Detroit, MI
A loan of $6,000 helps us expand our services to children by purchasing additional materials and a business vehicle. Read more
Raleigh, NC
A loan of $6,500 helps me bring my dream food trailer to life, during these COVID-19 times. Read more
Pittsburgh, PA
A loan of $6,000 helps me to continue to grow my Turkish restaurant which opened just before the pandemic. Read more
Austin, TX
A loan of $15,000 helps me reach business owners who can lose their business to ransomware and hackers. Read more
Tucson, AZ
A loan of $15,000 helps to make safety and comfort improvements for my food business during COVID-19. Read more
Flint, MI
A loan of $6,500 helps us outfit our upcoming brick and mortar location, and resume daily operations. Read more
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