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A Letter from Kiva CEO Neville Crawley

"We went into 2020 with a great plan—the chessboard was laid out, and we knew our next 30 moves. Then COVID-19 hit, and every piece on the chessboard moved."

Thank you and happy New Year!

Discover your impact, and hear from Kiva team members, in our thank you video!

Product Manager Rachel Chang speaks on the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan and Sierra Leone

Working at Kiva during this time has given me a sense of hope. I was proud of how Kiva was able to provide relief to entrepreneurs and small businesses impacted by COVID-19, and to further support and highlight black-owned businesses in our own Kiva community.

Shop from Kiva borrowers, make holiday wishes come true!

The holidays are here, and we know you want to shop small to support entrepreneurs this year. Check out this list of Kiva U.S. borrowers with shops you can buy from today!

Nancy's story: Kiva Protocol's first user

In partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, Kiva is on the ground building the country's first blockchain-based national identity and credit system.

Volunteer spotlight: Translating from Ukraine to the world

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on three individual volunteers: Ann, Alice and Katy.

Lebanon in crisis: How you can help — and how Kiva is responding

This story comes from Lev Plaves, Kiva’s Senior Investment Manager for Refugees & Displaced Populations.

Investment Manager Kendra Thorogood on the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand

"There’s kind of a different idea of mask-wearing here... they didn’t have to adapt."

Join Kiva and Black Girls Code for a special event!

Next week, join Black Girls Code and Kiva to learn how coding and technology are being used to help small business owners around the world!

Volunteer Spotlight: “It’s amazing to understand the triumphs and challenges of people around the world” 

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on three individual volunteers: Marsha, Eduardo and Darby. Without their contributions and the contributions of all RTP volunteers, our capacity to support Kiva borrowers would be severely limited.

Investment Manager Michelle Schenk speaks on the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

"The lockdown in South Africa has been one of the strictest in the world and it hasn't been easy."

Investment Manager Lina Ramirez speaks on the COVID-19 pandemic in the Americas

"In the coastal part of the country (i.e. Cartagena, Barranquilla), people really like to hold social gatherings. There, the virus is out of control."