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Kiva witnesses the power and potential of microloans to change lives and lift entire communities every day.

President Premal Shah on Kiva Labs.

But millions of people around the world still lack access to the capital they need because traditional banks and microfinance institutions deem them too risky or too expensive to serve. These underserved groups include:

  • Smallholder and subsistence farmers
  • Innovative businesses and social enterprises
  • Students trying to access higher education 
  • Families in rural and remote areas

Enter Kiva. Kiva is uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of microcredit, foster the development of new loan products and services, scale what works and share knowledge across the sector.

Through Kiva Labs, we provide crowd-sourced, risk-tolerant capital to accelerate new ideas. We work with partners who are going beyond classic microfinance to provide loans that help real people in the real world – loans with flexible repayment schedules, training, connections to larger markets, and loans for undercapitalized social enterprises.

Our approach is to test what works and share the results across the sector to start to change the definition of what is deemed “too risky” or “unproven.” Ultimately, we want to get high-impact products to people and communities who have been underserved and overlooked.

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